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May 7, 2018
By jadetang81400 BRONZE, Quincy, Massachusetts
jadetang81400 BRONZE, Quincy, Massachusetts
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A controversial topic
that is subject to
different beliefs.

What being Christian means to me-
I grew up going to church
every Sunday to worship
Jesus Christ. When I declared
my belief in God, I was baptized.
As our only Lord and Savior,
I must live for him.

What being Islamic means to me-
I believe in one all-knowing
God named Allah in Arabic.
As a Muslim, I practice the
Five Pillars and I participate in
Ramadan during the ninth month
of the Islamic calendar where I
fast during daylight hours.

What being Buddhist means to me-
I follow the path of Buddha,
Siddhartha Gautama. I seek to
reach a state of Nirvana where
I can liberate myself from
suffering and endless rebirth.

What being Agnostic means to me-
I believe that the existence of an infinite
spirit is unknown or unknowable. I think
that it is impossible to know the truth
about some things, such as whether
Gods’ exist or if there is an afterlife.

What being Omnistic means to me-
I recognize and respect all religions.
I do not claim any one religion, but
I do find truth within them all.

What being Atheist means to me-
I do not believe in the existence
of deities. I choose to not be
controlled by certain practices
and beliefs, but in myself.


We live in a world where free speech is encouraged.
We live in a world where everyone has their own perspective and opinions.
We live in a world where respect is not implied, but earned.
That’s just my opinion though.

The author's comments:

During class, I watched a documentary about cubism artist Pablo Picasso. After watching it, my poetry teacher assigned a cubism inspired poem where 5 different perspectives are included. I wrote about religion because I wanted to shed some light of the controversy behind it.

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