April 18, 2018
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Which is worse
Getting second
Or getting last
Either way you lose
But with second you have hope
Hope that you will win next time
Hope that you are better
That you should have won
But you didn't
Don't feel good that you got second
You still lost. Right
Getting second is a excuse
that you should have won
But you didn't
And with last you know
You know you could have done better
You know you should have swung but you held back
You know you should have shot but you sprawled
You know you should have passed but you ran
You know you lost
There is no shame in getting last
Until you make a excuse
So what will you do when you get last
You will pick yourself up
You will go home and work
Work till you body falls out from under you
Work till your arms can’t even lift the bat
Work till your hands can't even hold the ball
Work till you knees buckle and you are laying on the ground
Work till you know you know you will win
Then go get first
You are the one that worked
You are the one without excuse
You are the one that deserves first
But there's still work to be done
Dont expect anything
Nothing in life comes easy
Sometimes you have to loose to get what you deserve

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