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April 30, 2018
By Ohnoes11 BRONZE, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Ohnoes11 BRONZE, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
You see that girl you just called odd?

Her mother died when she was 9.

You see that boy with the lightning bolt scar you just made fun of?

He's lived in a cupboard under some stairs for 10 years.

You see that boy you just saw crying in the toilets?

He had to kill his headmaster to make his parents proud.

You see that boy who has lost his Remembrall?

His parents suffered a fate worse than death.

Dreams are reality
                                 Not mine though
                                     Their just someone else's
                                                 Like someone’s dreams are my reality
                                                      Somewhere in the universe
                                            An fairy tail world
                                                      That lives in my dreams
                                  Is a young girl's reality
                                           She struggles with people
                                Dreams of an better life
Makes loyal friends and enemies
                                               While falling in love
                                           While still dreaming of an better life
                               But this time making one
           Another little girl lives in an life of nobility
                                     Putting on a mask and hiding her true self
                                              Faking cheery smiles
                                                       While chopping people down with twin swords
                                  Perhaps somewhere some little girl is dreaming of my life
                                              And I
                                                   Might be dreaming of hers
                                                           Somewhere across the universe

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