A dogs lament

April 30, 2018
By nadyaisok BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
nadyaisok BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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I saw her cry rivers of tears.
So I licked them off of her face.
She wanted someone to hold her hand when she was alone.
So I nuzzled my snout into her palm.
She wanted a best friend.
So ran with her gleefully, wagging my tail when I noticed her happiness.
But she wanted someone to spend her whole life with sharing laughter and memories.
She wanted someone to grow old with.
Someone who would never leave.
I did my best, giving her a decade full of episodes to remember me by.
Happiness, joy, and comfort.
But I couldn’t giver her what she really wanted.
I would see her over the rainbow bridge, I promised with a final lick of the cheek-tear.
She got a new puppy two years later.
I hope he can do the same thing I did for her.

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