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To My Brothers

April 30, 2018
By Coby_Thinks GOLD, American Fork, Utah
Coby_Thinks GOLD, American Fork, Utah
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I know it's been a while
Since we really got to talk
I know, I’m sorry
Guess I’ve just been busy
With lacrosse and school and stuff
But you really are important to me
All six of you are
My little brothers
Hey, it's okay
Trust me
It gets better, at least it did for me.
And hey, I don’t mind anymore
That you all got the good looks
And the good eyelashes
Because that’s okay
You’re wonderful
In a few years… well,
Let's just say you won't have trouble
finding dates.
But you’re seven, you really could care less
That’s okay.
Be a kid.
Being a kid is much better than being whatever I am now.
You may have noticed…
How I’m all stressed out?
How I’m never home?
Be a kid, little guy.
Don’t worry about growing up.
It’ll happen soon enough.
You’re all crazy little hooligans
Bouncing off the walls
Driving me nuts
Nothing wrong with nuts.
You guys are so special, you know that?
So so special.
You have your demons, ones six-year-olds shouldn’t have.
I’m sorry… I really am.
If things could have been different for you…
If what happened didn’t…
That’d be great.
But things happened, and well, I can’t change that.
So, I know it's been a while
Since we really got to talk
And I’m sorry
But Hey,
Love you little bros.

The author's comments:

I made a piece for my sisters a while back... well this is to all six of my brothers.

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