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Where I'm From

April 30, 2018
By Walking_Journal BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Walking_Journal BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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"Your percentage of gayness is like the stock market."

I’m made up of dreams and wishes on stars.
I’m from late night wandering and
early morning sketches.
From small patios filled with plants
and old wooden tables.

Where I’m from there’s  an unused dining table
That never quite seems to have enough seats.
From passing down the same starry pajamas
until there’s no one left
to give it to.

Where I’m from we believe in magic
Hopes and dreams
We believe wishes come true
And that anything
is possible.

I’m from making fairy houses in the forest
and walking around barefoot.
From staring face to face talking about
the future. 
From laughing and secrets.

Where I’m from we take long walks
in the forest and stay out all day
And late into the night.
From knowing everyone you pass
on the sidewalk.

I’m from hide-n-seek and
water balloon fights.
From sunny summer days and
swinging on
monkey bars.

Where I’m from we lay
on the playground and
talk all day.
From potions and secret clubs
Fandoms and summertime.

I’m from old houses covered
in plants.
From cluttered wood counters and
The sound of chickens
flying to windows.

I’m from twinkle lights and drawings
taped to walls.
From the soft sound of tv
and people talking.
Whispers all around.

Where I’m from my brother calls me only
Sis or sister and
the occasional evil witch
From silence and screaming
Barking and clucking.

Where I’m from there are
rolled up bags of takis
just for me
From fandoms and daydreams
Staying up late and talking to the tv.

Where I’m from people
are everywhere
And nowhere
You’re surrounded
but alone.

Where I’m from there’s life everywhere
In every corner and around every turn
From talking to Vlad about writing
And Damien about fandoms.

I’m from pictures on walls
and dusty shelves
From family and friends.

I’m from light and darkness
From happiness and sadness

I am from many things
But most of all
I am me.

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