The Turtle Who Watched

April 30, 2018
By CoreyWood00 BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
CoreyWood00 BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
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There once was a turtle who watched a lovely little fox play in the ferns everyday near his home. He always wanted to say hi to the pretty fox but he never could say anything and accidently emmabress himself, so he watched instead. Little did he know that the pretty fox liked the turtle as well and wanted the turtle to come say hi but all he did was watch. One day the got enough courage to go say hi to the fox but the fox didn't show up that day. He was sad and went back to his house until tomorrow and went to the ferns to say hi but she wasn't there again. He said tomorrow is the last day while he moped back to his home with a gloomy face. The next day he did the same thing but the fox was still not there. The turtle decided he's done watching and waiting so he walked the whole forest to find the fox, and yet he still couldn't find her. The turtle started to cry and he laid on the ground in his own tears. The fox was watching in the distance and decided to go say hi to the turtle like she wanted him to do so long ago.
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The author's comments:

The idea behind this story was actually me not maning up and asking a girl out. I lost that chance forever and my curosity takes me to places that makes me depressed. I found true love later on but i still think of what if i only asked that one day.

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