The Rose

April 30, 2018

Who was the person who tangled my heart with love and affection?
Who was the one to tell me when I start shining to look at my reflection?
Start everyday believing you can relate to the connection
Since you’ve been gone I can tell I was different
My thoughts have been gone and my mind has been distant
They try to tell me to much but it’s too bad i'm not even listening
When I look at the stars I feel like my heart hurts
Knowing you are not here is definitely the worst
Sometimes in my life I feel that I am cursed
With the feelings running through my body that are about to burst
December 12th was a sluggish day
I could sense that things were not going my way
When I had gotten home I heard you were not here to stay
All the news just needs to stay away
Now it’s me against the world
On the day of the wake I slithered out of my bed like a snake
To finally know it's time for my heart to break
Mentally my brain was slipping and ready to snap
Now it's time for you to go
Go to where you are safe and peaceful
I just have one more thing
On the day you died I had one thought in my mind
No one is ever going to stop my daily grind
I need to be the best person I can but that takes time
But I have tried praying to get my life together like a homeless person begging for any penny nickel or dime .

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