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Are you ever going to grow up?

April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

Are you ever going to grow up?
That was a question our parents would ask when we would misbehave But mom it wasn't me, it was Dave!
We were always on the run
Just trying to have some fun back in 61.
My brother is my best friend
he tends to lend anything I need that he has.
We would play games, fight, and
spend our times outdoors having paintball wars.
Until one day, a tornado struck down at our home in Georgetown. This was not an ordinary tornado, it ate my brother.
He sure was a good friend but he's above and
I hope the last thing he remembers was dreaming in his bed.
I set free the memories of the day that I, lost me.
After that day I learned to grow to show what my mom wanted of me. Since then I have learned to see the future and think ahead...
but all I can do is lay in bed and ask god just why,
why, did my brother have to die.

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