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Period of Reflection

April 30, 2018
By ryanhu PLATINUM, West Windsor, New Jersey
ryanhu PLATINUM, West Windsor, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
Don't cry that it's over, because it happened.

The pastor approached the podium
Solemnly and slowly,
One hand holding the bible
And the other resting on his heart.

A ship’s captain
Amidst the storm of sorrows,
He guided our spirits safely
Back to dry land.

Then with emphasis and emotion,
He explained the impacts of Malcolm’s life,
How he built relationships and connections
And warmed the world with his energy.
Animated and expressive, the pastor described
Malcolm’s thoughts and hopes for the world.
His ordination was to better and support others
And he had fulfilled his mission,
Leaving us with his accomplishments
From what we should learn.
Perking up, with more attention,
I wondered how it would have been
If it was me lying in the casket.
Would so many people come
And mourn my passing in a church like this?
What stories would they tell of me,
What legacy and impact would they say
I have left behind from my short life?

Looking into our souls,
He spoke to us calmingly,
Recalling Malcolm’s early life,
Sympathizing us

The author's comments:

My friend M passed away suddenly this winter. This is the third poem I wrote recording the event and my emotions. RIP, M!

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