How It All Started

April 25, 2018
By kennedyschmidt BRONZE, Glasgow, Montana
kennedyschmidt BRONZE, Glasgow, Montana
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The beautiful boy I crushed on talked about how great it was.
I wanted to impress him.
I signed up. 
I showed up.
I sat in the locker room next to older girls I never really talked to.
Intimidated and shaking.
They were in high school.
They taught me how to put on all of the different gear.
The shin guards. The breezers. The chest protector.
One of them even tied my skates for me.
I no longer think about my crush
It's just me and the team now
The lights were extremely bright
Crisp. Cold. Loud. Excited. Nervous. Scared.
I look down, the ice is beautiful freshly zammed with not a scratch on it
Excited, experienced girls, all around me
Laughter fills the air
I watch, as they jump onto the ice
I watch, as they move effortlessly like they’re taking their first breath
I watch in pure amazement
I take my first step...bam
Down I go. Sore feet, bruised body, smelly gear
First hockey practice of the years to come
This was the beginning of it all
I get up again and again   and again   i fall
Eventually this occurred less and less
Little did I know that hockey was going to be the beginning of my future
Winning games, screaming in excitement
Like teenage girls seeing their favorite singer
Losing games, crying in disappointment
Like watching the saddest movie you could ever imagine
Like seeing stray animals on the side of the road
Like seeing someone eat the last piece of pizza
Sticking together no matter what
Encouraging each other and giving it our all
Becoming the best possible team we could be
Fighting to become the best
Skating till your legs go numb
Skating till you can’t feel your toes
Skating till you can’t give anything more
Skating till you are gasping for air
From 5th grade to senior year
My last year with the friends I've played with forever
Playing not only the sport I love, but with the people I love
After achieving goals
Becoming more talented because of the help along the way
I will graduate And follow my dream of playing college hockey.
Time really does fly by when you're having fun

The author's comments:

I will be playing college hockey, so hockey really was the begining of my future.

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