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April 25, 2018
By ehend BRONZE, Shaker Hts, Ohio
ehend BRONZE, Shaker Hts, Ohio
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Crystalized water answers me. Ice cradles foot. Penetrating the rigid structure. Pick ax left hand camera in right balancing me. Erupting in jagged forms, masses align. Stark white polluted in streaks of black rock sediment. Though, nature invites this contamination. Moss green creeps on the edges of the ice. Rock sediment reads over as the glacier writes into a lake.

Behind me, Icy pools catch each strain of moss and snowflake the mammoth
mountains consists of. Beneath this glossy water, another universe is trapped, or hidden rather. The picture is invincible. To green house gases, litter, and sun rays.  But, it is only a picture. Changing as the wind stirs the moss or the full drop of water falls meltingly towards the earth. Perceived immortal, the image remains vulnerable as the artic foxes. Constantly searching for the land they once reflected and now desire.

As I lift my foot, chunks of ice follow in absence of their structure only to melt at the hand of my metal, spikey foot. Small pools develop where enough feet have broken the land. Melted ice. Tiny universes, more and more entombed images.

The author's comments:

Walking on the largest glacier in Iceland inspired. 

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