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A poem whose name I stole from somebody else

May 2, 2018
By MollyRose BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
MollyRose BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
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Am I the only one wishing life away? never caught up in the moment, busy begging the past to stay.

-Dodie Clark

Those three weird teens on that bus
They say-
Just talk and chatter every day
They squeeze into a seat made for two like it's home
Arms and legs a tangle of comforting hugs
Pretend slaps too light to be real mixed with the occasional middle finger
They spread out and drop their baggage as others file onto the bus
Share their day as the old door creak shut
One points out a dirty number on the bus out the window
The others groan good heartedly, shaking their head as they chose to ignore the comment
The bus groans into movement-
As does their conversation.
The beginning of that day

Some days their conversations match the cold world outside
Cold raindrops hit the window as warm tears hit the shoulder of a trusted friend
Tales of heartbreak and a broken dream shared in quiet whispers
Tears and whimpers soothed by quiet nothings and deep hugs
An attempt to calm the tortured heart inside

Other days are calm and silent-
Made for reflection like the still world outside
Talk is of fears, the quiet disappointments, and the dreams
Of the children - yes children - that they are
That they only realise when they have reached the bottom of the world
Praying to be pulled up and shown the secrets of the universe
One that they have been thrust into
Praying for the sweet release of a dreamless sleep

Then, after all the trials of a week
The sun shines through on a bright spring morning
They walk onto the bus separately chatting to the people around them
They meet eyes as one walks past, still talking to a stranger and walking past
Today would be a good day

The last one slides into the seat with a familiar hello
Sighing as the other two catch them up on the situation
He throws in his own two cents as well
Today would be a good day

Eyes crinkle as the smile grows the biggest it has been today
Two gather their backpacks from where they have been kicked underneath the seat
Patting the other on the shoulder-
A quick goodbye shot over their shoulder as they are pushed off by the other students
Today was a good day
For those three weird teens on the bus

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