May 1, 2018

When the sun sets,
I can feel the cool shadow of gray,
Surround my body,
And as the sun’s warmth ceases,
I learn in today’s world,
All we can trust are
Are the binding nature of our
Is yet undefined.
What does it really imply?
Why does my heart stutter and not
Is not a powerful wave of strength,
But a throbbing for change,
An accomplishment of
Unlock repression feeding on
Lives with my
Is an unspoken language,
That pushes us into a corner,
Into darkness,
Convincing of danger,
Then lighting it all on
Is mesmerizing,
It takes life,
And transforms us into
On which we stand on,
Hoping it will support our
Brings me back,
Twirling me around,
Like a manic ballerina,
In a never-ending curtain call,
Colors blend into pure
Cleanses my dizzy mind with,
A blank canvas,
Erases the dried ink,
Writings of my failure,
And when I stop spinning,
I wonder,
Did I or,
Do I,

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Mary said...
yesterday at 5:12 pm
You go girl! I love it.
Moneymoney12 said...
yesterday at 5:02 pm
I just love how you used all of this imagery and figurative language to develop your poem. Very inspiring.
Maddie said...
yesterday at 4:42 pm
You are so talented girl. This really spoke to me.
Maya said...
May 4 at 10:23 pm
So inspiring!!
Kelly said...
May 4 at 7:15 pm
You are so talented!
Sunny said...
May 4 at 7:14 pm
Wow! So lovely!
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