Where We Are Now

May 1, 2018
By Anonymous

Act 1

Twas’ all quiet,     
Millions of people lived here,
We shall never hear the sound of simple children's laughter,
Nor the sound of running or playing
The world Should be over,
I wish the world was over,
But here I am still living my days,
It’ll get better...soon...I hope,
Us few still living(Myself included)are castaway,
Separate but at an equal,
An underwhelming amount of respect for each other,
I can see it lasting,
For Now...

Act 2
Pity has lifted itself from our souls,
And has been brought upon the monsters that live in our bodies,
Us men women and children cannot be named people,
But monsters that solely live inside our inhumane bodies,
Our acts show our way of character and how we act,
We dropped a bomb to show our character as ruling beings,
I bet you know how well that went…
Act 3

I am to be leaving soon for “New Philadelphia”,
There is almost no reason to go,
However human contact could be good for my final days,
I am infected, I am ashamed to say,
The infection spread before I had the ability to get inside the shelter,
The bomb was faulty as it landed, it took time to blow but when it did,
It’s intention was to get rid of our greatest foe and their numbers,
It clearly did much more than intended,
I’m sorry I’ve been so vague,
However there’s no point to be precise either,
I might as well not die tired,
It’s just a repetitive cycle until the day comes,
Speaking of tired now I must begin my journey,
To at least die in solitude and peace,
And not anarchy and war…
Act 4

The journey has begun on this small patch of grass known as Rhode Island,
Getting to New Philadelphia should be somewhat interesting,
I mean without talking to anyone but myself for about 2 years should’ve driven me insane,
But I cannot blame myself,
The world had fallen through an everlasting loop of power driven fiends,
Those hungry to be on the front page of the newspaper really showed their true color,  
They destroyed this beautiful earth and turned it into a rancid sack,
No government had the authority,
However the president, media, & press would beg to differ,
Act 5

I have been longing for contact with someone...anyone,
However back in highschool I thought the opposite,
I never wanted to be around anyone...not even my own parents,
I spent my days in a dark room hoping I would be left alone,
No longer,
I have been met with a discret feeling,
A feeling in which I may or may not “miss” my family,
I wish I had only known that this was going to happen,
I wish I’d lived my life to the fullest,
I guess there’s no use in complaining now…
Act 6

Enough of my ranting and sorrows,
Today I had made it to the old dirt patch of Lower State New York,
I am already about 50 miles out of my 150 mile journey,
I have already met without about 3 official settlements,
I could’ve stopped at any of them,
However I didn’t,
New Philadelphia sets the record right now for largest settlement,
Just believe me when I haven’t said the safest settlement,
I have given enough exposition for you to know the world isn’t great,
I hope...I believe that my parents shall lay at rest there,
I hope…

Act 7
To Be Continued...

The author's comments:

I believe that what really put me into this writing is the simple power of the president and social media/press is too substantial to really deal with.

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