What it came down to

May 1, 2018
By Doriann GOLD, Elk Grove, California
Doriann GOLD, Elk Grove, California
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" never give up, because you never know how close you are "

How is it possible to have more police officer’s than protection ,
Slavery ended years ago but we brought it back like the dead ,
A badge , A gun flashing red light’s to only think what you might sacrafice ,
Just to think i was only asking a question to a neighbor until he thought i was danger,
Drew his gun and dialed 911, “ Suspicous male at my front porch won’t leave please send
Someone out for help “,
These type of situation’s take longer to digest back when the Obama’s ran for president we
Were free from everything that didn’t make sense ,
Until the complicated voting became world wide ,do we trust a man wearing a red tie who has to
Constantly remember his lies ,
On and off when the camera’s are on how can we  trust a man who can’t leave women alone ,
Or do we take time to think smart and elevate it wouldn’t be bad to vote for a woman ,
Who has the right views that’s presistent in wanting to see change within our people and community ,
But can we actually trust an individual with hidden secret’s and agenda’s ,
Her husband was only relevant because of his cheating scandal ,
There’s no one to put the blame on we point the finger’s at the wrong judge ,
How can people who do wrong are praised upon for no reason ,
We have a president that’s barley been seen the only time he comes out from hide and seek
Is when a trump is mentioned , when something in world has been destructed , when he is seen
In public with a guard of republicans,
It’s not fair for everyone to have to deal with problem’s like these they said the purge was never real ,
It’s all make believe ,
But what are we suppose to do when a man in a trump mask is ready for battle
Standing ovation at my door like uncle sam on tax day ,
Sooner rather than later 2020 might be the end of extinction we killed each other off
Without realizing it ,
Degraded schools with many teacher’s who don’t teach the right curriculum ,
Can’t start the day off right with a class of 20 when it’s suppose to be 40 ,
Our younger generation has left the books under the bed pulled out the gun in the shoebox,
From under, their retired from being the scholar that they once dreamed of when they were 10 ,
Picked up the gun to become known in the streets either by getting time or laying in a casket
6 feet deep ,
We’re giving up too early especially when times are like this ,
We can end it but it takes for us to come together realize what’s left to make it right ,
There shouldn’t be anymore violence,
There shouldn’t be anymore racist comment’s ,
There shouldn’t be unfair treatment ,
Because at the end before everything started this war we were once mutual all it did ,
Was make a wrong turn ,
It’s such a confused feeling to know that everyday our time is near ,
Starting war’s that should’ve never been started instead of living life and being happy ,
We fear that our world will end ,
Take the time out and remember 911 a lot of lost souls beyond the damage ,
How can we survive on minimum wage and expect to pay rent when it’s too late ,
Notice on our door “ 2 days to evacuate “ seems like all those hard day’s were for nothing ,
Living in luxery was all a dream left with 2dollars in my name just to make ends meet,
No wonder why there are so many homeless people who are rather happy to struggle
Everyday and not have a bill to their name ,
This is america home of the brave ,
Where some of us are so inconsiderate and selfish we tend to think about ourselves ,
In the next living moment ,
No wonder why there are more drug lords than lawyer’s ,
Because money is easy to get by when you’re breaking the law just to survive,
While lawyer’s try to hide what’s really blind in the eye ,
This is america.

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