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Ken Doll

May 1, 2018
By mochiminnie BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
mochiminnie BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Growing up all he got were trucks and G.I Joe action figures,
When all he wanted was a barbie doll.
He had to wear button ups and long pants
When he just wanted try on tights and a dress

Childhood became teen years,
And the kids he used to be friends with declined him.
They called him nasty words.
Sneakers and wristwatches became the norm
But he wanted stilettos and charm bracelets

Teenage years came and went and soon became adulthood
The boy went to an all-boys college
He had to wear a tie and slacks every day
But the thought of necklaces and skirts lingered not far away

Finally, after college, he was free to do what he wanted
He grew his hair out and changed his name
He bought a dress and learned cosmetics
As he walked down the street he would sometimes hear the passerby
“Doesn’t she look so pretty?”

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