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Ready, set, go

April 30, 2018
By Cantt BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Cantt BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Ready, set, go,
Your test begins now
scribble like your life depends on it,
It is clear there is still much to learn,
No matter how lost you become,
Drift from page to page,
Do not cease until completion,
Undoubtedly you will not finish all of what's set before you,
Just know,
Others will still grade your work
Do not fret!
There is always time for improvement,
Reflect and improve upon your flaws,
After all there is still plenty of time,
Ready, set, go,
Your exam begins now,
Write like your life depends on it,
Now you realize it may,
Finish a few sections left blank previously,
You are more experienced than before,
However you will undoubtedly not finish,
Others will still grade your work,
Do not fret!
Reflect and improve,
As its all you can do,
For surely there is more time?
Ready, set, go,
Your judgment begins now,
Panic, for your life depends on this,
No your life IS this ,
Panic because so many questions remain unanswered,
You do realize there's a there's a second page?
Completely untouched,
A third?
You realize all of the first is wrong?
No matter how certain you are,
Just a little more time!
In the end you will undoubtedly be lost,
Just know in the end
You will never know how others will grade your work.

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