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April 30, 2018
By doineedoil BRONZE, Hemet, California
doineedoil BRONZE, Hemet, California
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if i was a wildflower

would i get stepped on?

by the animals

or by the wind?

if i was a wildflower

would i be crushed?

by what life blew at me

or by a child's hand?


if i was a wildflower

would i be damaged?

for being so beautiful

would bring me to my demise

if i was picked

from my home

of other flowers like me

what would happen then?


maybe joey would give me to sally

or to mom, or to sister

they would put me in a vase

holding on to my last days

unknown of what i am

or where i came from

they put me in a place

for all to see, just a simple decoration


they don't know that when i was picked

i was already gone

but i smile with my petals

because i know that there is life after death.

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