My Fight With Savitar

April 29, 2018
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I'm surrounded by people but I've never 

felt so alone.

I hate the way I feel everyday.

I cry in the darkness,

Smile in the sun.

He's a remnant of my thoughts,

In my head before I speak.

He has every weapon

He needs to destroy me.

He knows I can be broken,

Even with the mask I've put on.

He knows how I feel inside,

He remembers all the tears I've cried.

With every lightning bolt I throw,

With every mile I run,

He throws two,

And stops me before I'm done.

He wants to break me,

Because he's broken.

He wants to take,

What I can't give him.

If my mind shatters,

He will be mended.

But if he rejuvenates,

I will be depleted. 

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