Dear the people I care about...

April 29, 2018

Dear the people I care about…
I love all of you.
So much it hurts.
My heart
My soul
My everything
Goes out to you.
But my spirit
Is still dissolving.
Still cracking,
Still fading,
Still shattering,
Still gone.
My heart is yours
To take, or break.
My soul is yours
To use to heal yourself.
But my wounds
Gape just as wide,
My scars
Rip just as often,
My blood
Is just as red.
But just maybe…
My scars
Rip open a little wider.
The pain comes a little faster
The blood runs a little thicker
My eyes a little darker.
Tainted with the reality
That no one’s heart
Is mine.
No one’s soul
Will hear my cry.
I don’t
Think I

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