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My Heart Is a Garden

April 29, 2018
By ChloeVrijmoet BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
ChloeVrijmoet BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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Falling in love with you

Is like watching the seasons change.

My heart is a garden

That I helped you to sow

Daffodils are bursting from my chest now

I leave a trail of rose petals in my wake

And my laughter is accompanied by the sweetest scent of honeysuckle.

The days grow longer and brighter, just like I knew they would when I met you.

You say that I’m always in your awareness. That I’m beautiful. and I make you feel beautiful.

So I want you to know

When I look at the world around me I see you

I see you in the trees bent by wind and the warm spring mist and the pink clouds at dusk.

All beauty in this world is connected

The author's comments:

What inspired me: my girlfriend and springtime

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