April 28, 2018

When at times i see,

The stars enclosed in prison within her;

I think of the soul,

Who unveiled her secret face;

Poetry, and curiosity were her stars,

And her mother, being the soul;

Poetry being the veil,

And that prison being me;

I saw those stars,

Higher than others;

When the soul unclocked the prison,

And then was I free.

The author's comments:

This is a poem which requies intelligent reading to understand the inner meanings. This describes a relationship between a girls tslent, her mom, and poetry.

Her mom unlockes the girls talents. The talent was poetry and curiosity. They were hidden in the girl. But her mom unveiled them and her talents which shone like stars are a representative of the talents many of us in Earth have.They just need some attention, care and someone to help them open the door. 

At the end, the character attains freedom from the prison.

The poem gains justice by the lines:

"The stars enclosed in prison within her"


"And then was I free"

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