April 28, 2018
By Kyle16 BRONZE, Hallsville, Texas
Kyle16 BRONZE, Hallsville, Texas
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You brought this upon yourself,
The pain and the wither.
You turned your back,
Only to ignore the warnings.
I will not say i told you so.
I will sit gently and wait,
Wait for you to admit the wrong.
I even do it to myself, too.
Turn your back and not listen.
I breathe gently,
My heart plays a screamo melody.
I wait for you to realize,
The effects.
Ignorant one…
You think good will come,
But only good will leave.
“Don’t hurt her.”
I feel like i repeat myself.
I tried.
Do your best shot,
You ignorant and naive person.
Don’t listen to me,
But to the signs.
No, instead,
You're blinded by what you are doing.
Why won’t you listen.
Stop, you’ll hurt  her.
STOP! you’re hurting her…
Helplessly seems,
Don’t listen to me,
I am only trying to warn you.

The author's comments:

One day i had broken up with my ex, and the next day he already got a new girlfriend. I tried to warn her what type of man he was. She didn't listen. I hope the readers will learn to trust the experenced ones.

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