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Silhouettes of Tomorrow's Dreams

April 28, 2018
By Vaishali Rawat SILVER, Kota, Other
Vaishali Rawat SILVER, Kota, Other
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Silhouettes of tomorrow's dreams
Cast opaque shadows
Upon our iridescent todays
When we fell asleep yesterday
We already had nightmares,
Trepidations about the sunrise today.

We pursued those shiny little things
From lightyears away
Capering through the vacuum
Of lost moments we let slip
We landed the stars
Sustained on burns and char
Living upon the craters of broken things
Lost friendships,abandoned hearts.

We're up here chasing constellations
But I wonder if we were better off
Connecting dots from our rooftops
Cause now we lie among distorted balls of fire
That no longer twinkle,we no longer desire.

If the sun rises again,
I won't shut out
The subtle,warm rays
And even though you're galaxies away
I'm the one who sees a star in the light of day
If only you stopped committing to uncertain tomorrows
You'll have a shot at engaging your todays.

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