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Love is . . . .

April 27, 2018
By sassysaltyperson SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
sassysaltyperson SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Love is pointless

All it's ever going to do is get you hurt

It tires you out and makes you feel like dirt

All drained out nothing more to give

That's no way to live


Love is a poisonous thing

It can kill someone with a caring heart

You don't know

Until it's too late


Love is cold

You believe the lies that have been told

Ignored all the signs 

That have been there the whole time


Love is blind

You denie the truth and all the prof 

Pretend it's not there and don't care



Love is . . . . 

Love is a lot of things

But not worth my time

Go find someone else cupid

This chic is fine

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