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To The Women of the World by Tiegan Blasch

April 27, 2018
By Tiegan. BRONZE, Albern, Indiana
Tiegan. BRONZE, Albern, Indiana
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Just because we were born with beauty doesn't define our duty to the world. But that's not what they believe. They see a Barbie so easily manipulated. A marionette that always follows its orders by the pull of a string. A mindless….numb….second class…. being.
Since the beginning of time we were sent away. We weren't allowed to have a say. But we broke away. Marching down the streets, arm and arm...hand in hand, on our way to save ourselves; we weren't damsels. On that day they say we became free, that we had our rights and that everything was alright. They say we made history and tried to make it seem like our fight was through, that there was nothing else we had to do. But the injustice didn't end that day. We were still shot down on our way to school and when we tried to fight back, were treated like fools. But we never stopped screaming our anthem. They believe that it's there duty to get us down on our knees, begging them please to stop when we said no in the beginning. We won't be free or, done fighting until we can walk down the street equally, not fearing who might be lurking as we hold our pepper spray, praying to get home safely. We won't stop crying our anthem until everyone is listening, because we are Strong, Worthy, Resilient, Brave,and Beautiful. We are Women!

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