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April 27, 2018
By stode SILVER, Monticello, IL, Illinois
stode SILVER, Monticello, IL, Illinois
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Poem inspired by… Langston Hughes (Mother to Son)


I feel as if I am on a Cliff,
Constantly walking up and falling down.
When I am falling,
I fall hard.
When I walk up,
It isn’t long till I fall again.

Sometimes I get pushed,
By people who I trust.
When I fall,
I lay there for weeks,
Then I get back up, onto the cliff again,
That dreaded cliff.

Waiting for a different ending.
Which there will not be,
But one could hope.
Hope is all I have,
Hope is dreadful,
Hope is dead.

I won’t stop,
I will beat this cliff.
I am determined,
My determination needs to realize--
It lost.
I lost--

But I won’t stop this circle,
That I call my cliff.

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