April 27, 2018
By nicoleegauss BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
nicoleegauss BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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Fear is a dangerous feeling to allow in your mind.
Fear trickles its way through the crevices of your brain matter,
Branching out through your veins and arteries, and
Overpowering your very being.

Ribbons of fear can twist around your vocal cords,
Strangling your unique sound.
These same ribbons may wrap over your eyes,
Blinding you to what Is and Should Be.
This Fear mutes Freedom and Truth.

It’s dangerous to allow yourself to linger in a state of Silence.
Although its connotations are much less frightening than those of Fear itself,
Silence may actually be worse in the long run.

At times, Nothing is more terrifying than saying Something that is an absolute necessity.
Could, Would, Should, Must – the tumble may be treacherous if you lose your chance.
Silence is a trick. A risk dangerous to take,
Causing regret deeper than the low bellows of a gong.
The risk of Silence rings louder than the fear of what Must be said.

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