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Michigan Sports

April 27, 2018
By Anonymous

Michigan sports
When I hear this, What do I think of?
I think of losses and hardship
Whether it is the Lions or the Spartans,

It is almost always a loss
Even if they are up by twenty at halftime,
They will find a way to lose the game
Michigan Sports teams are a bad taste in your mouth

When they play,
They have as good of a chance of winning
As the Texans had of winning the Battle of the Alamo
Sometimes, the Lions and Spartans are as dumb as dirt

Up by seventeen at the half,
Lose by a Hail Mary as time expires
Supposedly the second best team in the nation,
Lose the first game that really matters.

Whether it’s college basketball or professional football,
Regardless of how bad their opponent is
The result is almost always the same
A devastating, heartbreaking loss

Loss on Sunday afternoon
Loss on Monday night
Loss on Thursday evening
Loss on Saturday morning

Even after all of this suffering they are put through,
Miraculously their fans still fill up in the stands
Never even made it to a Super Bowl
Rarely make it to the Sweet Sixteen

But their fans still line up outside of their stadiums
Even though Michigan sports teams aren't the best,
And they can’t make it far in the playoffs
They will die rooting for them


Through years when the Lions are  0-16
When the Spartans don't make the tournament
Instead of leaving their favorite teams behind
They will still be cheering for them

So when the Lions win their first Super Bowl
And when the Spartans win the National Championship
They can say that they have stuck with them
And they have cheered for them all along

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece after I was mad the Detroit Lions had lost a game that they should have won. I was angry and wrote about it.

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