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April 27, 2018
By Jas.Will BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Jas.Will BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Favorite Quote:
" I've got goals with or without you"

This is about you.
And how you strung up my feelings
And cooked them to perfection.
Until what was done
Could no longer be undone.
My favorite part
Was when you told me
Only the sweetest things
Reminding me of Milk and Honey
But stood behind me
With that same knife I felt only months before.
Protection through self doubt.
Protecting what was left of a once warm heart
Now only thought of nothing but a muscle
Assisting me through the day.
Drops of denial here and there. 
The kind that only we know.
Carefully moving space by space
Like the games we used to play.
Oh the games we used to play. 
Never letting them see what’s hidden inside
Keeping the pages sewn shut they say is unhealthy
But I can’t seem to cut the strings back open.
Tugging and pulling until the strings
You so carefully strung up
Suddenly stop .
Expressing that enough is enough
What can I say?
Apathy is my home.
You were my safe haven.

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