April 27, 2018
By Presto SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
Presto SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
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America, the land of the free
Home to peace, pride, and patriotism
A home for everyone to dream
Sports player, mathematician, factory worker
That is what America is to me

But many people know
Including me
That the version we hope of America just ain’t meant to be
Racial tension, violence and discrimination
Are just a few things that America has
Let America be the land of dreams
Where America can be what it seems

Let what the pioneers created
The minorities mined
The slaves picked
Be shined in a glorious light
Let beautiful America thrive
Let America shine
Let no one judge
And let this be known to all of the world
America’s a great home

I want America to be great again
I want everyone to have that great American dream
And I want everyone to have equal opportunity
I want everyone to be free
I want everyone to be unique
I want this country to be shown
That we’re a great nation and not just some big ol’ show

If everyone worked together what could we do?
It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is
It doesn’t matter how fast your brain works
I want everyone to know that they’re loved, cared, and watched out for
I want America to really be
Known as the land of the proud and of the free

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