Love Has No Ending

April 25, 2018

Goodbyes are for those who love with their eyes…..
Because those who love with their heart and soul there is no such
thing as separation
You're the first person I truly loved unconditionally
I put you above all the good over everything dismissing the wrong
I put myself in front when there was a problem pushing you out of the way
I took the hit
I took the bullet
I did the work and fought the fight
No matter how hurt I got
No matter how broken I got
No matter how bad I got
No matter what I never cared as long as you were ok
No matter what it was I stood in front and took it
I took all the pain
I took all  the s***
I took all  the hatred
I took all the yelling
I took it all
All that mattered was that you were ok
I cared about you more than anything
I’d give my life for death
I’d give my world for nothing
I’d give my humility for shame
I’d give my all
I’d give my everything for you
For you to be safe
For you to be happy
For you to be thought highly of
You’d always come first no matter what the circumstances where
There's nothing I wouldn’t go through for you
There’s nothing I wouldn’t put up with
There’s nothing I wouldn’t handle
You are worth everything
Worth the fight
Worth the trouble
Worth the struggle
I alway saw the good in it all
I ignored all wrong and keep no record of it
No matter your past
No matter what you did
No matter what you said

No matter what mistakes you made
No matter what it was what was to come
No matter how bad any of it was
Good always overcome everything
Good was the only thing I keep record of
The only thing that mattered
The only thing that was important
The only thing I paid attention to
I loved you with all my heart and nothing could take that away
Not a single word anyone nor yourself  can say
Not a single action anyone nor yourself can do
Not a single problem anyone nor yourself can present
Not a million flaws
Not a million fights
Not a single nor a million things can take it away
No pain
No heartbreak
No fight
No words
Nothing can take it away
I’ll always love you over anything and everything
Over bad
Over pain
Over troubles
Over worst
Over everything
I’ll love you forever and always
Over everything
Not anything can take it away
Nor not a single thing can change it
There’s not a single thing I wouldn’t do for you
There’s not a single thing I wouldn’t give up for you
There’s not a single thing more important than you
Not a single thing I wouldn’t go through for you
Not a single thing would come before you
That’s unconditional love
I couldn’t love anyone more than I do you

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