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Slice of Green

April 25, 2018
By Anonymous

The leaves fall around me, taken away by the wind.

Spring has sprung, shooting green everywhere.
I look down at the green ground I’m sitting on
And I see a leaf caught on a young dandelion stripped bare.

I pick it up and examine it carefully
Trusting myself with this fragile little slice of green
I look very closely at it, seeing more than I have ever seen before
I twist the stem, turning it to see how it is thin and lean.

I see how the stem spreads and breaks into miniscule lines
I see the gradient of green and yellow across the fragile thing
I see through it, the sun shining through and making even brighter
I see how it is strong yet weak at the same time, like a sapling

The leaf seems to be alive, standing proud before me
It may be tiny and helpless, but it still stays cheerful
The leaf doesn't care who picks it, who sees it.
It shows its inner beauty without being doubtful

I wish humans were like leaves
Each one different, each one incredible
Yet most humans don’t like their appearance
Leaves don’t care, and they are all indescribable

This single poem can only describe the tiniest smidgen of it all
One single leaf is the present, the future, the past
An infinite amount of stories can be told about only one
Nothing can kill a leaf, it will forever last

A leaf could be the first thing to comfort someone after a friend’s death
It could cause someone to meet the their lifelong love
The tiny thing could provide endless fun to a small child
To be the final puzzle piece for the nest of a dove

One leaf. Just one. Yet it has an infinite amount of emotions
An infinite amount of stories, of life, of hope
A piece of evidence that infinity is possible in daily life
If this is a lot to handle, be ready to cope

You probably thought leaves were ordinary, common
And now that I have told you how much one leaf can hold
Now you will most likely look at a leaf much differently now
It all changes because one person speaks out and gets bold

Your perception of one single thing changes based on what you hear
Your thoughts change because of your friends feelings
Even if you think your friends are wrong, you may mentally remember details
Thoughts change with you and anyone’s dealings.

I ask of you at the moment to look at a leaf.
Do not look up a picture. Go outside for once and find one.
Look at it closely. Remember what I said?
The stories are told, finished, done.

Slices of green, thin and lean.
Quite beautiful to see it in person, right?
A very fragile thing, like a sapling.
Nice to see it without that artificial light.

Cheerful, but never doubtful.
Quite unlike humans, don’t you think?
I mean, humans are incredible, but leaves are indescribable.
Humans are always on the brink.

The present, the future, the past, once in my hand, now in yours.
Makes you feel quite special, doesn't it?
Maybe not. It definitely makes me feel good, though.
And the sun sets here and now, leaving the sky unlit.

Spring has sprung, shooting green everywhere.
And I see a leaf caught on a dandelion stripped bare.

The author's comments:

I was writing a poem book in my English class all about how the world was crumbling away, and I was pointing out all of the wrongs in the world. Then I realized that there were so many beautiful things in the world, so I wrote this poem last in the book to show how even in times of darkness, beauty is always there.

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