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I am From...

April 24, 2018
By GCait61 GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
GCait61 GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
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I am from the soft muddy trails,

Deep and thick after fresh rain had fallen,
Dry and cracked in the summer sun

I am from the canopy of green leaves
Covering the sky and fading out the noise
Silent, except for the sweet whistling of birds

I am from the song of the wind
Rustling through the trees and pushing me forward
I am from how many times as a child, I dreamt that I could run away
Into the gust, and follow it to its destination, wherever it may be

I am from summer sunsets from atop a hill
Brilliant colors streaking the sunlit sky
Pinks and oranges, golden glow, dappling the green grass
Thinking, hoping, dreaming, as the sun set low

I am from trying my weight on a branch I'm not sure is steady
Pulling myself off the ground and hoping, praying, it can hold me
I am from pushing the limits of what is safe,
Knowing I can't fall because I won't let myself
I will not let go

I am from blue skies and green leaves and golden suns and rushing rivers
I am from skinned knees and splinters,
Adventuring into the unknown
I am from imaginary games and brothers,
Of falling, of mud, of sweat
Of tears, of getting back up again
I am from the forest of my childhood

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