Are you Free or Labeled?

April 24, 2018

Are you Free or Labeled?
   Being Free is not caring
     of what others think of you.
    Being Free is loving you before
         they love you.
Free is your own styles,
,and dreams.
But we often have people who are
People who let other have a strong value
  or opinion about their life.
They live or work for others dreams.
People who are labeled don't understand the meaning of
They say that they are loved from the one
  who loves them but in reality that one is
    envy of them.
They are satisfied with the label of your not cute enough if you don't have a
big butt” or “big breast”.
      Or your only cute for White,
                                      Hispanic or Latina
People should not be labeled because of their color,
  race,beauty, or how they chose to live.
People should live life freely.
But yet we’re all
   different and have
   different opinions.

So are you Free or

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