That one letter...

April 24, 2018

Being a teen, in 2018,
You are branded by those who say things that are mean.
This rhyme seems elementary
But in reality being a teen is quite rudimentary
You hear hard things, you cant let go,
But those 450 words, oh how they flow.
As a teen it helps to know
Just how much someone cares for you.

My eyes gloss the page.
Globally concientious.
I release the words, one by one,
As I let go of the hateful words
To me which they used to refer,
“Kind” slowly replaces “Too nice for me ”
“Leader” replaces “Cares too much”
“Globally concientious” replaces “Activist freak”
‘Devoted” replaces “Clingy”
I gloss my eyes over the 450 words,
As the letter flies into my mind, like a flock of birds.

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