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first love

April 24, 2018
By yashvini BRONZE, Plano, Texas
yashvini BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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we met in the winter
under the frosty skies
and the biting wind.
we sat in the park
as the wind blew
our faces red
and tears into our eyes.

we looked in the spring
at each other
at the blue sky
at the blooming world.
we danced in the rain
the beat of the raindrops was our music
but it wasn't as loud as the sound of our hearts.

we believed in each other in summer.
under the midnight sky,
we thought we were perfect
that nothing could break us
until reality did.

we argued in the fall
with teary eyes and screamed words
in the cool night air
with no one as witness but the moon.
our love falling
just like the leaves.

i am alone in the winter
under the frosty skies.
and the biting wind.
i’m sitting alone in the park
as the wind blows
my face red
and tears into my eyes
except this time
the cold isn't the only reason.

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