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April 24, 2018
By AdvayG124 GOLD, Acton, Massachusetts
AdvayG124 GOLD, Acton, Massachusetts
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We plunge in,
Toward the unknown.
Like a snowflake in a blizzard.
Deeper we go.
The light,
Becomes dimmer and dimmer,
Until there is none at all.
Darkness blankets us
Is this the home of all evil?
Everything comes alive.
We see,
All the children
Of the great Ocean,
Moving together
Like a great family
In the home of happiness
On their way,
To receive,
The ultimate goal of life

The author's comments:

The poem was orignally meant to describe what the ocean is like in the inside. Afterwords, it has a little twist of Hinduism in the end, saying that all of the fish are trying to receive "Moksha", the ultimate goal of a soul's life.

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