What's Behind The Door?

April 24, 2018
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My blissful car ride ends on the corner of the street

My teachers smiles as she tells me we're going to meet

The mysterious aunt I've never met who lives on Elmwood Street


What's behind the door?

A gigantic blue pool with a great blue whale?

Or will the walls and ceiling be infested with snail?

Will it be lit by lightbulb, torchlight, or nothing at all

Is there a bottomless pit in the hall, into which I'm meant to fall?


What's behind that smile?

A bedroom where I can defy gravity 

Or where I'm weighed down at the ankles by my past depravity?

Will I served food that is good, tasteless, or will it be nothing at all?

Is there a bottomless pit in the hall into which I must fall?


Well, there's no way to know the truth except for trust 

This is both a brave and kind thing, because where I go, no one will know...


And so I knock on the door.

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