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Let Her Be

April 24, 2018
By r00d.rak BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
r00d.rak BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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Let her be alone

Let her mourn the loss of who she once was 

The girl who knew no pain

Let her think about the days before you


You crumpled her pride under your selfish hands 

You took her peace 

Replacing it with thoughts from the dark abyss

Let her be alone

Let her find who she is without you

Let her find out how she did not need you to feel loved 

Let her see who she is meant to be

Let her see herself illuminated with light shining through the darkness left by you 

Let her see 

Let her be


The author's comments:

I wrote this piece so other's can relate to it. I wanted to put other's feelings that I've seen into words so that they could finally have something to say "Yes, that's how I feel"

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