Midnight Feline

April 24, 2018
By ChattNoir BRONZE, San Jose, California
ChattNoir BRONZE, San Jose, California
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The day has gone away, gloom has come past, the midnight stars are here at last.
The ink colored black cat approaches the streets, it's mellow pelt, so soft and sleek.
Its agile body roams around with pride, the felines paws go forward, step by step as time passes by, its tail moves swiftly, side to side.
The midnight creature springs onto the chestnut pigmented fence, this elegant cat, hopefully it shall not longer be misunderstood in time forward hence.
In the late night october, there stands the feline and its eyes, so bright a color, a glaring yellow ochre.
As the small mouse passes by, the sleek cat pounces on it starting from a distance up high.
The felines teeth sink deep in the helpless creature’s body, the cat is finally satisfied, but now it is time for the mouse to say goodbye.

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