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April 23, 2018
By JakeGriggs SILVER, West Melbourne, Florida
JakeGriggs SILVER, West Melbourne, Florida
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Alabama will always have a mixed place in my heart
While some of its nature and culture is an art
Some of this state was a dark side
Sometimes when in a dream , for a dose of reality you need a fierce pinch
I took a walk in a park when I was eight and I saw a man who was lynched
Stood in disbelief at this act of hate
It shouldn't have been this man's fate
But do not let this epitomize all of Alabama
That is not the case
The there is a park of Shakespearean beauty
They joy is quite beautiful
But the violence and brutality is cruel
Alabama is like a man that is always being terrible but does one thing to keep it in balance
But for me that seeming act of kindness is not quiet enough

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