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Click, bang!

April 22, 2018

Click, bang!
The weapon doesn’t kill
The way it is wielded does the deed
Click, bang!
For what purpose
Screams of victory, or of agony
Click, bang!
Pick off a deer in the wood
Or was it a man in the street
Click, bang!
A sign of rights of citizenship
The second amendment, they cry
Click, bang!
A knife to feed flocks
Or a knife to flay foes
Click, bang!
If hands can suffocate a man
Hands can lift lives and hold hearts
Click, bang!
Chaos, chaos, none can agree
Black and white, wrong and right
Click, bang!
What if there was no disarray
Put down trouble to face brother
Click, bang!
Sister, there is no need to quarrel
Drop your battles in harmony
Click, bang!
The problem will not fade
Not when no peace is reached
Click, bang!
In the end, the gun is set down
And the wielder’s means revealed

The author's comments:

Guns, along with many other things are used for more than just harming others. I care much about safety, but also about the rights the citizens of the United States of America. When all is done, people will see that guns are not the problem, only a tool that may be used for many different purposes. What that purpose is is up to the wielder. We ourselves must decide which motives to tolerate.

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