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A skirt.

April 17, 2018
By kamilahh BRONZE, Baytown, Texas
kamilahh BRONZE, Baytown, Texas
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 A Skirt.

    My skin,

    Was it out. 

    I said no, 

    Did you hear yes.

        Imprisoned with heat.

        I asked to leave,

        Would I live.

        I would be nothing, 

        You gave me a home,

        Clothed and fed me.


                Killing me. 

                Every breath 

                Shorther than next. 

                Every meal


              Long breaths,

              Down my neck and spine. 

              Aching for a savior.

              Will it ever end.

                   My skin being out.

                   How could I have asked for it.

                   Was it my skirt.       

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