Running Free

April 17, 2018
By SCMGgirl7752 BRONZE, Filer, Idaho
SCMGgirl7752 BRONZE, Filer, Idaho
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The wind blows a chill

In the air you can feel it all

Down below, a story to start

A life a-new;

Holding tight to the time I used to remember

A time of peace and happyness

A time when everyone was happy

A time when I was once like you.


I've been through much

I've been tossed and thrown.

I've been beat, and hit, and treated like nothing.

What makes me different? We all go through something hard.


It is the ghost in the room. The rain in the air.

The trees and their leaves, and the grass, and the sea.

And all that is precious, and all that is loved. The country and city. All different but alike. None the same, but all, in one way, is the love.

A love that I will never hold.

A love that is so far forgotten that there is no way of saving it. 

A love that is cherished in the stories, 

One that everyone will fight to keep,

The story of "Romeo and Juliet", 

Risking everything that they had for something that is lost.


I run!

I run away.

Far away.

Away from what the others say. 

Away from the lines that hide fearsome borders.

Running faster and faster.

Faster than a cheetah.

Faster than the earth, and it whirls aroudn the sun.

Faster than light.


I wake up. 

Slowly opening my eyes. 


I can't move. 

I can't see. 

I can't hear.

I am nothing, surrounded by the entity of everything that no one can see, and other ignore. 

I am...


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