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Meeting a Hummingbird

April 17, 2018
By Astroh BRONZE, Gretna, Louisiana
Astroh BRONZE, Gretna, Louisiana
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Through the forest I’ve gone, since I was a child
The hums of a bird I heard and encountered
Shy but fascinating, floating away


My curiosity grew for this skillful flyer
Not long would I see him, not long enough to wonder
Yet I wondered and wondered, why won’t he stay?


My grandpa once told me about this little creature
“It only seeks the sweetest nectar”
It made me think, am I not what it desires?


Grandpa reminded me to not be subdued
For your sweetest nectar is within you
Ever since Grandpa was gone, I somehow met the bird more


I realized it taught me to seek out the good in life
And never did I know
Beauty speaks, and its voice is a bird

The author's comments:

This poem was for an English project and is inspired by Robert Frost.

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