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I didn’t mean too..

April 17, 2018

I didn’t mean to kill her...
Seeing her body draped in blood from directly above the eyebrow where the gunshot entered, to the bones of her ankles were each had a heart ingraved.
And the marks of rope rash along each inch of her innocent neck. As the tears stroll down my face, beginning to grow as my eyes trace her entire body, with tears in every single crevice and line of my guilty face.
I began to fall to my knees, pleading, god help me, help me escape the horrible, soulless person I’ve become.
The clock ticked by slowly.
As I lie there concealed in a ball against the cold unfinished floor of my basement.
I began to hear a sound not so pleasant and I immediately knew that sound.
It was the excruciating tearing sound of the rope around her neck.
Down, down, down she fell.
Hitting the ground, with the crack of each individual bone.
Please god, I continued to plead.
I’ve made a mistake; I didn’t want to do this.
But, I’ve killed the only woman I’ve ever loved.
With the gun pointed at my head.
A loud bang rang through the entire house.

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