A traveler

April 16, 2018
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A Traveler
Galloping  through the villages, towns and cities,
I seek my destination
Statues, churches, houses, museums
All are but distractions
I am nothing but a traveler,
journeying the voids of my dreams as a tailor would,
stitching across the way I come from and the way I want to walk
The pains of my past are long gone,
the desire to peep into my future long forgotten
Traveling across the globe,
I can find one thing to hold near my heart,
that thing, I must confess, is nothing but a portrait
It is a portrait of a woman on a horse,
with the look of great determination in her eyes,
the look that says she will never give in to circumstances
Thus, I am a traveler by birth
And my destination shall be landed upon
I will gallop always consistently towards my present
so that no one will ever ask me, "what is it that you don't you don't have?"
The End

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