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I Want This To Stop

April 13, 2018
By Julian.Nicholas BRONZE, Newark, Ohio
Julian.Nicholas BRONZE, Newark, Ohio
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I sat there alone…
Unwanted, unloved,
Crying for a little more
Than just a fragment of love

You promised you’d be there
Even if I failed
But you left me alone
Sitting, trying to prevail

I told you that I’d try
And I did all that you said
I did everything you want
But you left me for dead

All was alright
Until that day
You raised your hand
And laid a strike

Leave me alone
All you do is harm
I’m doing as you say
But it’s never enough

You set off alarms
To everyone but yourself
You’ve been told to stop
But you just get worse

I’ve had enough
I want this to end
I’m done
But who will quit first

I want you to stop
But even when I strike back
You find a harsher way
To hurt me even more

I want this to end
But it can’t on your part
So maybe next time
I’ll try it on mine

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